Terms and Conditions

All software products, available through any medium from Vulcan Engineering Limited, are issued under the strict condition that all copyright, design rights, patents, know-how and other intellectual property rights, including the programs, images, layouts and structures, devised, developed or owned by Vulcan Engineering Limited wheresoever in the world, remain the sole property in perpetuity of Vulcan Engineering Limited.

All Vulcan Engineering Limited Software is issued under the strict condition that the physical media whether in magnetic media, CD-ROM, Book-Form or other electronic versions, remain the sole property in perpetuity of Vulcan Engineering Limited. Each Account is individually registered to a particular User, Multiple users on that account is in breach of terms and conditions, dissemination of the information to any unauthorised third parties will be in violation of the law.

Any User of Vulcan Engineering Limited Software is hereby advised that whilst every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the data contained within each application, Vulcan Engineering Limited accept no liability resulting from omissions and mistakes in the data or from the use of information contained herein.

Vulcan Engineering Limited accepts no responsibility for any consequential or other damages to the User's equipment upon which the software is in use. Specifically no warranties (implied or otherwise) on fitness of use for a particular purpose have been made in the issue of this product to the User. Vulcan Engineering Limited reserves the right to modify the contents of the Databases for each Application without notice and without incorporating those changes into existing copies of the Application. You may contact Vulcan Engineering Limited IT Department by sending an e-mail to webadmin@vulcan-eng.com or by Calling: (+44)(0)114 2493333 for advice.

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